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Javier Sanjuan
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Adding on to what Greg said, you're going to pack on a lot more mass if you're training consistently. Being an old wrestler and now making weight for weightlifting meets, I know that I always wished I could be heavier (even though I always cut weight). If you go 69, you'll have the opportunity to a) be comfortable with the mass gain that will come as a result of extensive training and b) be able to take training weights more seriously and relate them to what you'll be opening with and striving for on competition platforms. You'll be more comfortable with knowing that, if you consistently hit a X-kg snatch while weighing 70 kilos during training sessions, you'll be able to hit that on competition day because you'll only be cutting one kilo to make weight rather than the eight kilos to get to 62 and being extremely sluggish/hungry.

My recommendation: go 69. Your numbers will jump up, too.

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