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Michael McKenna
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Aaron, have you tried to work with a local Coach yet? Your goals will be easier to achieve working with a coach and other lifters. Within an hour drive of you is Cara Heads, Olympian and American Record Holder; Rick Bucinell, Masters World Champ and Grand Master, who totals over 300 and is in his mid 40s; The DAC in Baltimore, where a three time National Champ (Mary Hyder) coaches, also, Garret Walters, American Open Champion, trains there; Frederick Weightlfting has at least one National Qualifier and several other quality lifters there; South Baltimore Crossfit has another few American Open level lifters, SSPT in Rockville has a lifting program, Leo Totten has sessions twice a week in Westminster/ Littlestown, and I have 10 sessions a week an hour North of Baltimore. Oh, and there's the Dumbarton Gym, where Team Baltimore Trans, and Crossfit silver Spring, which has a dedicated lifting program. Additionally, there are several smaller groups training in the area. Work with people; there is no substitute for a team experience.
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