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Originally Posted by John Janecek View Post
Interesting thanks Mike,

I had told Leo when I wanted a quote for them I wanted their version of Eleiko's training bar so we are looking at the $800 ones....

I kind of wondered if this one was like the black Eleiko "sport" training bar on the Rogue fitness site? Something had to be a littel cheaper about it with that price....

Thanks again....
No, Werksan is a bit cheaper than Eleiko for many reasons, but I've always thought their quality control from bar to bar was a bit off. Every Eleiko bar is a 10; Werksan bars are 9, 9.5, 10 depending on the bar. Joe and Leo have stood by everything that's happened to my or my lifter's equipment, and Eleiko has just started to again. And we beat the shit out of our equipment, and I've got six years of Werksan stuff which has been pounded and still going.
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