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Default MEBB nitpicky questions for my situation

I want to start on the MEBB program. Here's my situation:

I had established several 1RM's before having a pretty bad neck injury sustained while participating in the CF Open this year (shocker!). It's taken so long to get over that I'm sure I've lost strength (although I was able to clean near my previous PR in a 1RM attempt last week). Question 1: How do I create my own MEBB template if I don't know what my current 1RM is? Should I use my old, pre-injury numbers?

I currently have only 3 days I can dedicate to being in the gym (the others are reserved for endurance training or rest and I can't be flexible with those days right now). I'd like to work in short WODs (for lack of a better word) after my lifting attempts, only to work other skills in (ring work, etc.) Thus far, I've kept those "WODs" to a max of 10 minutes (again, not trying to cause an adrenal melt-down). Question 2: Are these "WODs" post MEBB training ok or am I doing myself a disservice? I'm open to a different design around getting the other skill-work in.

Thanks for any help with this!
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