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Thanks guys.

Here's why MEBB appeals to me - I like the lifts and the aspect of being able to get a lot done and make gains in little time. I want to have some structure to a lifting program. I also want to complement the endurance training I do (swim,bike,run). Even though I'm in the gym 3 days a week, I'm getting 5-6 days a week of activity with the endurance training. Now, I do happen to have a decent set-up in my garage with weights, pull-up bar, KB's, some other stuff, however I do not have the variety of weights that I can use in the gym. So I want to max my gym time. If I'm able to, I'll use my garage for additional workouts. As the weather gets colder, I may even get an extra day or two of garage-based workouts in (vs. the endurance stuff).

I'm totally open to other options that have some kind of direction or schedule to follow and that gets me back into some kind of great shape like I was in pre-injury (knowing that with the injury, I may never quite be in that shape again). I could go back to the old trainer, but it's too expensive and frankly, I had chronic tendinitis from the sheer volume that he had us doing...I would describe it as CF-based moves combined with traditional bodybuilding for a solid hour, 3xs a week. I am female and also don't want to be THAT bulky again...but I found that once I went CF, I got less bulky all the while getting stronger.
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