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Default A little / lot of help

Im 38 Phys Ed teacher with a long history of gym work bodybuilding, powerlifts, bodyweight stuff.

I got interested about 4 years ago through Crossfit initially in training in weightlifting. Have done a couple of coaching courses with governing bodies etc. I have Greg's book, but I have yet to find a program that helps me get where I want.

Im 82kg
Deadlift 175kg
Squat (powerlift style) 140kg
Front Squat 100kg
Overhead Squat 55kg
Bench (cant anymore, mispent youth trying to get big)
Clean and Jerk (an embarrassing 90kg)
Snatch (an even more embarrassing 55kg)

If I follow a strict weightlifting program like the beginner or intermediate program, I find my squat goes down with the percentages used as does my deadlift which is generally not in the programs, and the other lifts dont go up by much at all. I end up feeling weaker and demotivated and go back to heavy squat, heavy deadlift, one clean day , one snatch day and a complex day. Add some rowing, push ups chin ups and battling ropes to that and thats pretty much what I revert to.

I want to change that.

Basically I am looking for a program that
1.I can still get strong in Squat and Deadlift (I have an addiction to these to lifts but if they have to go, they have to go)
2.Improve my C&J and Snatch
3.Increase Front Squat, OHS, Snatch Balance, push press / push jerk etc
4.Still find time to do the odd short 10 minute metcon or some rowing etc maybe twice per week.

Probably asking a lot I know!

It is putting it all together over a mon-fri period. I cant do weekends in the gym. But I have from 630am - 8am Mon-Fri window.

I have a full (school) gym at my disposal. Bars, Bumpers, bands, chains, chin up bars, c2 rowers, plyo boxes etc.

I appreciate any help guys, thank you.
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