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I think we would all agree that you never have to get away from squatting -- ever. However, the deadlift position in comparison to both the snatch and clean positions are remarkably different. If anything, that would probably be the one to go, but it doesn't mean that you can't do a clean-style deadlift.

You have to keep in mind that a published training plan is just a rough draft for the individual lifter that picks it up. Time and other constraints/external factors play a big deal, especially when you're trying to finish a planned program for the day -- the worst thing to have happen is to feel rushed, so you might have to cut some things out or replace them with what you feel you want to work on. That's not to say that you're stubborn and you think you know more, but you have to be willing to alter some of what's said. For instance, I've followed a couple of programs off of Idaho Weightlifting (link is in the actual name), where they boast a couple of Calpian, USOTC, and other great programs written by some great coaches. I noticed that I need to squat heavier more often and that my legs were able to handle the stress, so I included more heavy days. To me, it's that simple.

To go a little further, I found this to work for me:

Day 1:

- Snatch (full, variant, or complex to a heavy single, then 80% x 3 x 2)
- Deficit snatch pulls (heavy triples ... I do all my pulls, NOT the classic lift, at a deficit -- don't know if it's good or not, but it's helped me, which is my point to you)
- Press (heavy triple, 80% x 3 x 2)
- Back Squat (heaviest triple, then 80% x 3 x 2)
- Good Morning (heaviest x 5)

Day 2:

- Clean and Jerk (full, variant, or complex)
- Deficit clean pulls
- Front Squat (same as back squat)
- RDLs (heavy triple x 3)

Day 3:

- Deficit snatch pull (you may want to do snatch deadlifts here)
- Deficit clean pull (you may want to do clean deadlifts here)
- Incline Bench Press (realized I need to improve shoulder girdle health)
- Back Squat
- Good Morning

Day 4:

- Snatch (heavy single)
- Clean and Jerk (heavy single)
- Front Squat
- RDLs

That's four out of seven days. For two of those "off" days, I use them for active recovery, whether they be lighter squatting, just work with the barbell, mobility, sprinting, etc. There's one day I have strictly for complete rest. This is what I can do based off my other requirements (like that whole job thing).

To make a long reply even longer, my point to you is that you're going to have to just use trial and error. This is my experience and I hope it's a valid response to your question. I've realized that I benefit more doing all the things I just put down at their corresponding volume. I also have roughly an hour and a half to work out and this right here keeps me busy all the way through.

Main thing: use the programs as a shell, tailor it to your needs and weaknesses, always squat, and be awesome!

I hope this helped you. I would hate for you to read this and not get anything out of it.

Javier A. Sanjuan
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