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Originally Posted by Allen Yeh View Post
What was the injury if I may ask?

What exercises are you picking for MEBB?
Several cervical bulging discs...appeared to be severe triceps tendinitis in both arms (arms so swollen that I thought I had rhabdo)....when PT and weeks of rest didn't change the fact that my hands were numb, we looked into my neck. So a lot of time was spent chasing the problem and correcting the problem (hence quite a bit of time away from most lifting...still did lower body work). Pain is now managed with mobility and traction, but I am fearful of getting re-injured. Doc says anything is ok as long as I don't fall on my head.

I love Oly lifts, plus I plan to add DL's and front and back squats (I think box squats are way under-rated). I've been told to be cautious with presses, so I'd probably do mostly push-presses and jerks to use the momentum. I don't ever need to do a bench press again, although I like them (I could bench my bodyweight pre-injury). I'd like to add some strict pull-ups too.

Someone asked if I was going to compete in any CF stuff. No - any desire to do that went out the window with the injury sustained from CF (I'm going to totally digress...I'm pretty bitter...I worked at the CF gym where the injury happened and was told I was required to participate in the Open and that it would be fun. Being pretty new to CF, I wasn't ready and I feel that they allowed me to get away with sloppy form, esp. in the snatch Open WOD - I happened to get to the 100lbs. mark with really shitty form. Those "coaches" should not have allowed such shitty form. I took several Oly lifting classes from Holley Mangold's former coach this past summer. I care about good form.) I'm just doing this to serve 3 purposes: 1) For a woman, I'm giftedly strong, so I just have personal goals like snatching my body weight. 2) I'm a fitness instructor myself, so there's some pressure to look and act the part. 3) I feel that by building strength, it translates to the endurance stuff that I do. I'll never win an Ironman, but I want to be competitive in triathlon and mountain biking. Let me add a 4th also) I'm a mid-30's woman...I'm trying to stay as young as possible for as long as possible. I had a bone density test in January and was told it's phenomenal for my age and low bodyfat %. What can I say - weight lifting and Paleo are the fountain of youth!

Sorry for being long. Thanks for all the suggestions. I certainly don't disagree that just about everyone can use more practice on most lifts...esp. THIS one, who really had never learned to properly snatch until this summer
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