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That is what I mean by triple.

Overhead squats and snatch balances have their uses, but they won't substitute for the actual lift.

OHS are good to strengthen your muscle groups used in recovery for the snatch, and snatch balance is good to reinforce technique (I had an issue of diving under the bar which put the load on my shoulders so I did these to work on keeping chest up and get a feel for the position I wanted to land in after the pull).

The issue with just doing these exercises though is that usually people lack the technique to be able to put themselves in a position where all they have to worry about is recovering (standing up) with the lift. You may be able to do heavy snatch balances, but if the bar is always out front or behind as a result of the pull, you will probably miss the lift.

If you don't have time, cut down the reps you do, but if you want to seen gains, you will have to do the actual lifts with a consistent effort. I personally love supplementary exercises, but you can't get the timing down in the lifts if you don't put everything together on a consistent basis.
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