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Default Keep it simple......

Some of my best gains have come from some of the simplest programs...

I'm 47 now and lft 4xweek. Olifts on mon-thur and squat/press on tue-fri

"back in the day" in my mid 30's when I was snatching 245lb and C+J 315 my "magic program" was this:

Snatch - 1's to max for day
Bench - 3's one week, 5's the next to top set

C+J - same as sn
Front Squat - same as bench but 3's / 2's

Snatch - 4x2 -faster ligther double.....not a max 2
Clean + Push Press - 3x5 one week/4x3 the next

C+J - 4x2
Clean + Front Squat (one clean followed by three fr sq's)

Got to my all time bests maxes in front squat (385), snatch (245) C+J (315)

Fast forward to 42 years old, doing the olifts 2-3xweek with every other week doing deadlifts, ( DL -5-6 singles working up in wt then one heavy set of 5, usually to 405). Also started low bar squatting. Did this for awhile then got on another "magic program"

Mon-thur - singles to max

At the gym with my wife, would follow her around doing some DB bench then some rows, maybe some lat pulldowns etc BUT I always back squatted heavy at the end for sets of 3-5 reps....

Go to texas state meet in 2008 and sn 102k and C+J 141 which was a lifetime PR...

Don't make this too complicated, I think working the olifts a couple times a week then working on the strength stuff 2xweek has been the best thing for me to keep a balance of both. I think now even more than ever at 47 I can do two good heavy days of the olifts but anymore than that and I'm beat up and it hurts my strength days or any other olifting days.....

I'm a high school strength coach and teach PE also during the day so like you have the wtroom right here mon-fri......

John Janecek
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