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Thanks John, that actually looks way more manageable. I found that any more than two days of heavy Olympic lifts left me feeling to tired for any other lifting. I was running a BJJ school on top of high school teaching and working with a rugby team too but even having retired from bjj I still found they left me shattered. So even a lightish day in the programme became too much and everything suffered as a result.

When you say 2 days of Oly lifting and 2 days strength work, what would those two days look like. I dont bench anymore, but love squats, DLs, Pull ups, push ups etc

I want to work simple, heavy and most of all enjoy it.

I started cleans again this morning, I think my hips dont start low enough, but then if I lower them, my back rounds and/or shoulder begin behind the bar. Ill take any criticism...thick skinned!
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