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Default David

I think your cleans look alright, your catching the bar way too low on your shoulders and your elbows are down close to your legs when you hit the bottom from what I can see on the last couple. Get the bar right up by your neck with your elbows as high as you can get them, bad things happen to the wrists when you bounce a elbow off your leg and we don't heal as quickly....

My program is pretty simple, I'm training with a former FB player of ours who was at a big 12 school and is transferring to another school so I'm doing a little more than I normally do but this is our basic workout right now:

Chinups 3xas many as we can get

Back Squat
Bench Press
Glute Ham 4x5 with 25-30lb DB on chest
Dips 2x10

Clean Rows (pendlay rows) 3x5

Front Squat
Incline Press
Glute Ham 4x5
Dips 2x10

on the olifts I alternate sets each week so something like this:
wk #1 sets of 2 to top set
Wk#2 sets of 3
Wk#3 sets of 2
wk#4 sets of 1

Work up to a top set each time, try again if we miss and there is power still there, if we are out of gas we take a break for a few minutes then go to cleans/C+J. The rows or chins are for three sets at the end and not the same intensity, just get them done with good form...

Presses I have us alternate weeks or working up to a top set of 5 one week with a top set of 3 the next week...

Squats are with three top work sets.

Back squats - we do sets of 2 up to a heavy weight then do 3x5 with the heaviest we can

Front squats - work up in sets of 2 then do 3x3 with heaviest weight we can.

Once we get all three work sets we move up 5-10 lbs the next week....

I haven't benched or inclined in years but I know he needs the upper body work for FB so I do them with him but stop WAY short of anything heavy, maybe go to 185lb for sets of 5 while he keeps going up....

I bust my butt on the olifts and squats though and go heavy as I can...
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