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Default Recovery between workouts for older lifters

I have a question about recovery between workouts for older lifters. I am 55 years old and lifted and competed back in the 1970ís while I was in high school. A little over a year ago I started lifting again and have already lifted in a masterís competition. It's so great to be doing this again after all of these years!

My workouts are about 1Ĺ hours long and I try to workout 3 times a week. I just donít seem to recover enough between workouts. At 3 times per week I start running out of gas and really get wore down. Iíve tried taking 2 days off between workouts but that feels like Iím not working out enough and not making headway. I should mention that I also catch all of my lifts in the bottom during my routine. I also do front or back squats every workout. So lots of leg work.

I am in very good general health, eat well and get lots of sleep. Iím going to try and refine my diet and Iíve been thinking about doing a little running to improve my cardio. Iíve also toyed with the idea of splitting my 1 Ĺ hour routine into 2x45minute routines. For example 45 min. Mon., 45 min. Tues., Wed. off.

If anybody has any ideas or if there are any other older lifters out there struggling with the same issues I would appreciate any input you have to offer. Thank you.
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