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Thanks for the reply. Itís nice communicating with other older lifters. I think Iíll try your suggestion. I'll attempt 3 times per week but dial back the intensity and increase as my body tells me.

I had a very intense 1 1/2 hour workout on Thurs., last week followed by an exhausting day at work on Fri.. Sat. and Sun. were busy but not physical days. I have had no gas in the tank since Fri. for a workout but tonight I finally feel like I am starting to regain my energy. I have tomorrow off so I will work out in the morning. I likely will have a good work out and it will likely be pretty intense but it will probably take me at least 2 days to recover. So if I dial it back a little maybe I can maintain more energy and be able to workout on Wed. If I don't dial back it'll be at least Thurs. before I am able to hit the gym again.

So you can see I have good workouts but too much time passes between them. It kind of boils down to high intensity less workouts per week or lower intensity and more workouts per week.
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