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So right now if you can commit 3 days a week that is plenty given that you have 2 days of Judo and 1 day of squad fitness (meaning what exactly?) And as you say your conditioning is pretty good so if you can slack on that for a bit that's not an issue.

I would recommend a full body routine 3 days a week, emphasizing a different portion every day. I'll go into an example below:
This is assuming a regular 5x5 novice progression, if you need that explained out let me know but basically start at a moderate weight, once you hit all sets for that weight go up next week by 5-10 pounds...etc
heavy - <85%
moderate - 50-80%
light - >50%

Monday - heavy squat 5 x 5, moderate horizontal push 3 x 8, moderate horizontal pull 3x8
Tuesday - JUDO
Wednesday - moderate squat 3 x 5-10, heavy horizontal push 5 x 5, chin/pullups shooting for a total number of reps 50 is a good number
Thursday - JUDO
Friday - REST DAY
Saturday - heavy deadlift 5 x 3, moderate squats 3 x 5, heavy overhead press 3 x 3
Sunday - Squad conditioning session

Those 3 lifts will get you about an hour every session given a 10 minute warmup. If the pullups are too easy at your bodyweight now I'd do weighted pullups. Ensure you schedule in a deload week every few weeks. and if you really to move up a weight class you have to EAT!
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