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Default Oly-specific assistance work for shoulder position

Looking for some tips on improving shoulder position & health for weightlifting.

In particular, my right shoulder tends to roll forward (internal rotation) when receiving the snatch. This shoulder is pretty crunchy in general, but I've found some relief adding external rotation exercises with a band and attacking trigger points on the latissimus and teres major. Pectoral and anterior deltoid stretches seem to have minimal effect, and I have good ROM.

I bench once every 2 weeks and it does not seem to aggravate my shoulder. Bench press is probably my weakest lift.

Thought about posting in the Recovery section, but I'm ideally looking for some assistance work that will also build skill in the Oly lifts. I'm pretty beginner and don't want to lose focus.

Snatch grip deadlift?
Overhead squats?

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