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Default Back angle during 1st pull

Hi guys,

Thought I would ask a quick opinion on mechanics during the first pull, namely back angle. I am currently coaching an athlete who is quite long in both the torso and femur, causing his first pull to take place with his shoulders very nearly on a level with his hips. It has not yet caused me concern, as the angle remains the same to the knee, the bar stays close and tracks up and back, he is producing ample amounts of power, rarely misses a full lift, and there is no pain or discomfort when pulling relatively heavy loads for multiple efforts. The reason I am asking for some additional insight on here is that outside of my coaching hours he trains elsewhere, where several people have tried to coach this compensation out of him. This is obviously a far less than ideal situation to be in as an athlete, with two contrasting inputs from arguably equally reputable sources.

Any thoughts? If you do think it should be corrected, how would you suggest doing so? I would appreciate your feedback, and no doubt he would even more so!

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