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Originally Posted by Allen Yeh View Post
So right now if you can commit 3 days a week that is plenty given that you have 2 days of Judo and 1 day of squad fitness (meaning what exactly?) And as you say your conditioning is pretty good so if you can slack on that for a bit that's not an issue.

I would recommend a full body routine 3 days a week, emphasizing a different portion every day. I'll go into an example below:
This is assuming a regular 5x5 novice progression, if you need that explained out let me know but basically start at a moderate weight, once you hit all sets for that weight go up next week by 5-10 pounds...etc
heavy - <85%
moderate - 50-80%
light - >50%

Monday - heavy squat 5 x 5, moderate horizontal push 3 x 8, moderate horizontal pull 3x8
Tuesday - JUDO
Wednesday - moderate squat 3 x 5-10, heavy horizontal push 5 x 5, chin/pullups shooting for a total number of reps 50 is a good number
Thursday - JUDO
Friday - REST DAY
Saturday - heavy deadlift 5 x 3, moderate squats 3 x 5, heavy overhead press 3 x 3
Sunday - Squad conditioning session

Those 3 lifts will get you about an hour every session given a 10 minute warmup. If the pullups are too easy at your bodyweight now I'd do weighted pullups. Ensure you schedule in a deload week every few weeks. and if you really to move up a weight class you have to EAT!
Hi Allen, thank you for that fantastic response, it was just what I was hoping for.

With regards to the squad fitness, what we do chages each week but its more or less a straight 90 min to two hour fitness session (followed by a big team brunch at a cafe )

We start off with a 1 mile jog, then move onto timed sprints in a sports hall (touch line, sprint back, touch next line etc) for about 5-10 mins.

Then usually put on our Gi's and practise some continious judo entries (uchecomies SP?) with our partner being pulled back by another person, then fireman carries for a few lengths.

Then a circuit of maybe 90 secs station 1, 90 secs station 2, 90 secs station 3 with as manay reps as possible (burpees, press ups, box jumps). Rest 3 mins repeat.

Then a 7 mins circuit of jumping jacks (30 secs) 10 press ups,jump jacs (30 secs) 20 squats etc for 6-7 mins, like an intense judo round.

interval running around a outlined parameter for 10 mins i.e. slow, sprint beating each previous sprint time.

We do alot of footwork drills with cones and ladders, more sprinting or just standard b.w. exercises. Its a big session but I cant remenber everything exactly, sorry.

I really do like the look of that routine. Could I front squat once per week instead of back squat? or just keep it as it is?

Yes I know I realy need to nail my food, esp with all my cardio, its somthing thats always been a struggle for me but I'm determained to get stronger.
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