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I'm not able to look at the video yet because I'm on a government computer. Once I get back to my room for a bit, I'll have to take a look at the video.

However, in my humble opinion, you can partition the lifts during your training sessions in order to continue to get stronger in the entire movement while training different pieces. If you know you have issues changing directions, work the scarecrow snatch/clean during your warmup and do tall/hang/block work in order to teach you the need for an explosive second pull and an active and violent third pull (changing directions). Then, you can work on heavy pulls emphasizing proper bar path and getting to that scarecrow position (elbows high and outside). In my eyes, there's no sense in being able to pull all that weight if you can't get under it fast enough, especially if you plan on competing in the sport. That's not to say that working on pull strength and all other strength exercises (like squatting) isn't important -- they must still be done so that when it all starts coming together, your progress can really start to take off. Every week, depending on your schedule, put the lifts together at least once a week.

Your day might look like this:

- Warmup (including scarecrow position work with just the bar)
- Tall/hang/block snatch or clean (this block is directly focused on your weakness)
- Heavy pulls
- Squats
- Whatever assistance/supplemental exercise you see fit

I hope this helps you in some way. I'll watch the video when I get to my room and comment again after I see it.

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