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Default Clean & Jerk and Back Squat: Criticize me!


Learning progression: Clean & Jerk and Back Squat. Putting it out there for a little advice. The Clean& Jerk from 2 POV’s (sorry about the rack obstruction in the foreground of the first set- aint no Metro Goldwyn Mayer). Bar closer to body? What’s with the funky asymmetrical (weak) jump viewable in the front POV?

I tried the back squat with and without shoe’s; it feels better/more stable without them. Also, I’ve been getting a little knee pain. It was less noticeable without the shoes (time to troll the equipment forum for advice proper training shoes).

Thanks for any advice or comments. I’m having a blast with my sand-filled-PVC training pipe along with the “Olympic Weightlifting for Sports” and “Olympic Weightlifting: A DVD Guide to Learning & Teaching the Olympic Lifts”.

Great references for anyone learning the lifts. The book has excellent focus points for each skill drill that keep you tuned in on body position, etc. The DVD breaks things down into digestible-incremental drills that ultimately progress to the full lift. If you follow along with your PVC pipe it really enhances your learning curve.


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