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Wednesday 10/17/12

This morning I took my wife to her follow up appointment with her hernia surgeon. She's doing great as expected. We did learn something about the mesh they used to support the abdominal wall. We assumed it was some inorganic material like plastic or silicon or something. But it's actuall organic that dissolves over time leaving scar tissue in it's place to support the abdominal wall.

176 lbs. in the a.m.
On 8 hours sleep

Starter Program Week 3

Snatch 5x2 (Oops it should have been 5x1)
Snatch Pull 3x3
Front Squat 5x2

Standing Abduction with blue band (light) 3x8
Back Extension 3x15

TGU Sit-Ups 3x5 each side

Finished at 9:45
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