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Originally Posted by Brian Amundsen View Post
Thanks Kelly.

I knew there was a difference but I wasn't sure what, so now I know. I believe 275 is the record for the SSST.

Kelly what would you change from the GS to SSST training? Also do you have any tips on hand care?
For the SSST you want to minimize the time you use switching hands. Jared, who I believe has the record in the SSST switches hands on the way down w/out the extra swing which wastes time. To do so, on the down swing, place one hand on top of the other (baseball bat style) and when you reach the bottom of the swing, let go w/ the hand you're transfering from.

I think he starts out w/ 25 per hand and then switches hands every 10 after that. I may be wrong. Search his posts on DD and you can read what he says.

As far as hand care, proper technique takes care of almost all this for me. I did ETK, et al, last summer and tore my hands up and that was with only one day of snatching a week (the rest were swings). I just completed 5 days straight of snatching (6 min sets, 1 hand switch) where I avg. about 100 snatches total (trying to keep a 16 per min pace). I have ZERO callus tears because I corkscrew on the way down. I do file them down, but rarely. For the SSST its not really neccesary to use a good technical snatch, but in order to train effectively, I'd say at least mastering the corkscrew on the way down is essential.

Depending on where you live, you can find someone w/ AKC exposure and I'm sure they can help you out. Also a search on google video of Valery Federenko will get you some good videos to study. Good luck.
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