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Go back to 2nd pull and eventually work the first pull. Fix 2nd pull first and don't worry about 1st pull.

1. you are bending your arms too much as you try to pull the bar back to your thigh for the clean. Slow it down and take it back to formula. Unless you want to be an arm puller for life.

2. play around with that 2nd pull like this. notice that as your torso becomes upright your knees go forward. Now do this with straight arms. I see a lot of people try to bend their arms and jump too soon before bringing the bar to their hip or thigh. Well, a lot of the newbies at the gym (bare in mind so am I).

3. I already sort of said it that you are jumping too early. this is because you aren't upright in the jump/hang position and are leaning forward. You have brought the bar to your thigh by bending your arms not transitioning your torso. So torso is still leaning forward with the bar at your thigh. So when you jump, you go forward.

4. Think about leaning back into the heels after you start the first pull. We could go into where the bodyweight actually is, but for now it's just a verbal cue. We don't want the weight forward to the ball of the foot.

5. Is there much Olympic Lifting in Japan?
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