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Wednesday October 24th

Bench Press

At this rate, in 7 weeks I'll be right back to where I started this LP. Fantastic.

Went to squat and the motivation is just not there. First set of 5 felt heavy as shit, and I just racked it after the 1st rep of the second set. I can't justify the pain in my mind right now. I'm frankly tired of training like I am, it was worth it when the weight was piling on easy but now that I'm trying to stay lean I think I'd prefer bodybuilding style training. What's the point of scratching and crawling your way to a 20 pound increase in a lift? It just seems like a lot of effort for a minimal pay off. I like moderate weight, high volume training the best, might as well do that. Plus I could really use some mass. So first thing I'm going to do is join a gym to get access to better equipment. I'm not sure if I should just finish cutting down to 10% or not. I really don't want to, it would take 20 weeks at a moderate deficit and that's another 20 weeks of not making any progress. Maybe I'll just continue my calorie cycling and hope a high volume of work will lean me out. I don't know.
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