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Default Need feedback on pulls

Please give me feedback on the positions during the pull. The first pull was out of sync completely, pulls no. 2 and 3 were a little better. I suspect my hips are not opening more. I was trying my best not to pull with my arms.

I'll record some of my snatches and C&Js and post it later. I also think that my hips are not opening to their fullest during the snatch as the bar is not grazing my crease of the hips during the 2nd pull.

Currently I'm on stage 2 of the beginner template as presented in Greg's book. What additions can i make to improve my 2nd pull in the snatch. If so, do i have to replace an exercise as outlined in the 2nd stage.

This day this weight which i normally pull with not so much difficulty felt like a 1000 lbs and ignore the stupid music and environment of a commercial gym in the background!!
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