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Default Ways to find your optimal squat stance?

If you can forgive a "stupidisch" question from someone new to OLY lifts.
I´ve been lifting heavy stuff in my training before. But it kind of stayed at the "lifting heavy stuff" level so I´ve never really been to particular with technique.
Too many times I find myself correcting and changing my squat stance. With my new found knowledge I now know the squat stance is foundational to the olympic lifts (excuse the ripoff ).
I´m rambling again... Sorry about that.
To make it short. I can´t find my optimal squat stance so I´m having trouble learning to transition to the receiving position.
From what I understand the heels should be under the hips and the toes turned out to about shoulder width. However this feels very narrow from what I´m used to.
Is this because I´m also new to the olympic style of squatting (I´m trying to unlearn the butt back powerlifting style)?
Another option I could think about is that I´m pretty tall and got long legs so maybe my toes should be pointed more out or the stance made a bit wider?
As I´m having trouble finding coaching I´m probably going to have to solve it on my own.
So are there some good methods to finding your optimal squat stance?
How did you go about finding it?

Thanks alot
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