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So drilling last week was working on putting hooks in when transitioning from top turtle to rear mount (and they tried to escape), and variations therein. I think that's all we worked on.

Today at open mat I just worked on technique, since I didn't sleep that well last month. Working on escaping my hips more, protecting my head (i.e. stopping people in side from getting head control), plus the usual guard passes and guard game. I think I only rolled for about a half hour... it was good, though, I did 5 days of training this week.

Diet this week was pretty dang good, though I have been eating a bit of cheese here and there, and some sugar. But overall pretty good and lost all the weight I gained during my 4-day food tour extravaganza (media trip.)

Went to the chiro again yesterday and he said I was strong bilaterally and my tissue was healing well and now would be a good time for cupping or something, and that I was building a ton of muscle fast which may be why i still can't extend my arm all the way yet.

I won the grand prize during a Gold Medal Bodies contest on facebook, so I get 30 days of training, and I'm totally gonna use it to work on some low weight db complexes or rope jumping or something to lose a bit of weight without being too hard on my joints. I think my weight is fine, except that I'd be at a competitive disadvantage if i competed at it b/c i'd be going against tall lanky girls with good guard games.
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