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Monday 10/29/12

With Thanksgiving coming plus a wedding to attend the night before I needed a three week cycle in order to take the week off. This 4 week cycle is really a 3 week cycle with a transition week to start. I am skipping the transition week. I feel strong and motivated even after 6 weeks of continuous training. Taking a break in three weeks should be fine before I move into the 9 week Strength by Feel cycle.

177 lbs. in a.m.
On 7.5 hours sleep.

Classic Cycle Week 1

Power snatch - 75% x 1 x 10; 1 min rest 70 lbs.
High-hang clean & jerk - 60% x 1 x 10; 1 min rest 70 lbs.
Front squat - 70% x 1; focus on speed up 110

Roman Chair sit-ups - 50 total

Box jump - above knee 15-10-5
Kipping pull-ups 3-3-3
6 minutes

Finished at 9:30 p.m. Need to work on my kipping pull-ups. I was doing more of a pull-up which is why I was restricted to 3 reps. On the last set I finally felt like they were getting easier.
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