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Thursday November 1st

Front Squat
Up to 240x1

Didn't feel like doing a bunch of sets today.

Leg Press

One minutes rest, didn't quite wreck me like last time. Not sure how lower back friendly this machine is, it moves the sacrum/lower back area through a pretty big ROM at the bottom.

5x12 up to 175x12

With about a minutes rest this was as much cardio as it was weight lifting. Impulse bought some wrist wraps as my forearms were still pretty smoked from the last two workouts, damn my inability to save money!

Leg Extensions

Not even logging the weight, it doesn't matter as I'm just going for a pump/burn.

Leg Curls

Went light, I can feel this doing all kinds of wierd stuff behind my knees, like tendons rubbing together.

No widowmaker squats, who am I kidding, I'm not going to do that every leg day.

So far I'm really enjoying this training, not even because I think it's going to make me hyooge, but mostly because 1) I love the feeling of exhaustion after a hard session, 2) I'm going to bed early and sleeping great, which is great, and 3) training like this blunts my appetite, so when I come home I have to force myself to eat 1000+ calories, which means I've had a few chocolate bars dipped in peanut butter the past few PWO periods. Forcing down food gives me a comforting feeling for some reason, probably explains why I got so fat. Could be all the positive associations I've developed with "eating big".
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