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I honestly wouldn't ever sacrifice a warm-up, but I guess stretch out during various parts of the day; meaning, if you can avoid sitting down, then do it. If you're standing around, work some leg swings or roll your wrists around to keep loose throughout the day. This way, when it comes time for you to throw your workout clothes on, you don't necessarily need to take so long to get warmed up. I do this because of my work schedule, too.

As far as breaking up your routine, if you have 30-45 minutes, consider this:

Day 1: classic lift, classic pull
Day 2: back squat, RDL/GM
Day 3: classic lift, classic pull
Day 4: front squat, RDL/GM
Day 5: Rest -- maybe even light power lifts as an active recovery
Day 6: Heavy singles
Day 7: Rest

It'll be very important to be disciplined during the workout. You don't want to continue pulling at a weight because you "feel like you can get it." Not only will this bust your time limit, but you'll also end up sacrifcing your performance later on down the week. I would also focus on your recovery methods (i.e., hot/cold baths, icing, etc.). They help a lot.

I hope this helps you in some way.

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