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So I didn't train much last week because I went to see the Goddamn Gallows play on Tuesday and then we went to see Bob Dylan on Wednesday and I hosted a book group on Thursday and then I had to work on Friday and Saturday morning, and there's nothing on Sundays. So I guess I only trained on Monday and took six days off.

But today I went back to the Oly gym and I did snatches and then snatches off the boxes with light weights to work on keeping the bar close to my body and then I did clean and jerks and then he made me do behind-the-neck presses, which I hate, and then I had to do squats, and got up to 2 sets of 5 with 50k, so that was cool, and then he took off some weight so i had to do a set of 10 with 40k or something. or maybe it was 45, i can't remember. Then he had me jump on a box, and then he tried to make me jump on two boxes and I was like fuck no, I barely cleared the first one. But he thinks I can jump it next time, haha, um no.

Also one of my stories got killed today by dumb people who think they don't have to pay for the work I'd done so far, so I was super pissed off, and tried to channel my aggression into lifting, and I think it made me lift faster, which is good.

I have to take tomorrow off jits but I'll do Oly on Wed and BJJ on Thurs AM and then I work on Friday but I can train Saturday in the morning.
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