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Default BJJ comp- paleo weight cut

I am doing research in cutting 10lbs for a BJJ comp. I eat strict paleo, only dairy comes from butter in coffee. I walk around at 158-163 at 8-10% body fat and plan on competing in my first BJJ tournament at the 149lb division.

i've read the performance menu piece on weight cutting and also the podcast question in regards to weight cutting for an O-lift comp.

I plan on doing the hydrolysis style of cutting, and during this time will be adding no sodium to my diet. My question is should I keep carbs and fat levels at my normal range, (probably eat around 100-150grams of carbs via sweet potatoes on training days) and my body weight in fat a day as well. My concern about going ketogenic OR dropping fat is that it'll affect my performance even with a, even with a rehydration. anyone have any advice?
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