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Default Nov19 Snatch Analysis for efficiency

Hi all,

How can I optimize this form to make my snatch more efficient? I read a post by Glen Pendlay where he explains snatch and clean and jerk goals in comparison to your back squat. He says good lifters can front squat 90% of their back squat, clean and jerk 90%-100% of their front squat, and snatch 80% of their clean and jerk.

Based on those numbers, I have the potential to snatch another 50 pounds by tweaking form. This is 90% of my current 1rm. How can I improve it?

im also curious what you guys think about grip width. The wider i grab the weaker I feel on the catch. The more narrow i grab the better of a pull I get. If i grab too narrow I hit my pubic bone really hard and the bar rainbows. who here grabs right at the collars and how big is your wing span? in this video i think i grab too narrow and bend my arms on the pull to get it to my hips. i have a 72 inch wing span and grab 4 inchs inside of the collar.

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