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Default Lift critique appreciated.

Got my tablet back, shot video on Tuesday night. Was tired. Sn went to 63 in the video though my current max is 77.5 (Hovering around 77kg and need to drop to 69 by spring). CJ went to 75ish though my PR was 89 in September before my wrists injury and 96-98 in spring (though I was 85+ then [FATTER]).

Any criticism would be helpful. I probably shouldn't have worn the baggy shirt and gone topless but didn't feel like it with people around.

Current FS max is 115x3 (118x1?), BS 143x1 Sn PP 80x2. Jerk is around 90.

Jerk footwork was shit on Tuesday. Just tired. Long day up early then work, then gym. Got a bit of a nap on the light rail but was groggy afterwards.

Sn bar only drills

More Sn bar only drills

Warmup Sn series

Heavier warmup Sn

Side view Sn

Bar only CJ drills

Warmup CJ 60kg

Overpulled 65kg CJ

tx, all
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