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There are Lincoln Brigham's comments. Luckily I got some feedback from him.

Blair Lowe Lincoln Brigham notes:

High pulls are too high, nobody pulls like that from the floor

50kg sn - pull from the floor looks good.
There's something funky about the pull under, possibly related to to how you do high pulls. On the high pulls don't pull higher than the sternum. When the bar gets to the sternum, quit pulling. Or even earlier.

63kg sn - bar path looks good from the side. Recovery is a bit wonky - bar drifts forward before you stand.

the bar is not securely on the shoulders behind the delts. Receiving position for the jerk is too high - get lower.

CJ - pull under could be faster, with more of a sense of urgency to receive the bar.

Might have to bring the elbows up a tad for that to happen. Receiving position of arms and upper body posture looks very good. Split needs to be longer IMHO which will also lower the receiving position

Dip & drive on the jerk is not too bad. The dip could be shortened up a bit which speeds up the turn-around usually. But bar path looked okay from this angle and you don't seem to stall at the bottom
To note, I think the clean and jerks looked like ass mainly because I was getting too tired by that point. Lack of split in the jerk besides needing to change my position to being a fingertip jerker with the bar on my delts.
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