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Default 95% 1rm Snatch analysis - help me PR!

Hi Guys,

I have not set a snatch PR in 6-8 weeks. I don't get what is going wrong. Here is a video of me doing 95% today. I tried 2 singles at 80, 2 at 85, 2 at 90, and 2 at 95. I failed 50% of the reps, as usual. I actually power snatched the rep at 80. I caught it super high, almost legs locked out.

My snatch does not feel consistent. I feel like I get a decent pull but feel very weak in the catch. I lose it infront of me most of the time with the odd time losing it behind me.

This video looks super easy, but I throw on 10 pounds and I can't catch it worth shit. Sometimes I even cant get under it.

What que am I missing?

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