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John Janecek
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Couldn't agree more.

I have atleast nine that the middle has completely broken out but now they won't even talk to me or return the calls of our vendor who helped us out the first time.

I did put them all back out when the company said they were still "functional" but they broke soon after. I didn't put the ones out that cut kids fingers on the sharp edges, don't know why they think they can just turn their heads on this??

thats why the lawyers are taking care of it now...

Lots of coaches here in Texas have already told me they won't buy from them. Seeing as they are based in Houston I was think sooner or later they will feel this..

In the grand scheme of things they are prolonging this over $7,000 worth of bumpers, I'm sure they make many times more than that in a week. If they would have just cone out and fixed it in the first place I would understand and keep using their equipemnt as that could happen to anyone but how they handled this just makes me more angry everyday, its become my new hobby to cut and paste this story to every coach in Texas then to as many weightlifting forums, crossfit sites, strength coaching sites as possible...

Thanks for your reply, good luck on the power rack...

John Janecek
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