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You have to keep in mind that efficiency in the lifts relative to strength numbers as you describe is not just a function of technique (and therefore controllable), but also of traits like speed/explosiveness, which are only minimally trainable. In other words, the more explosive you are, the more of your strength lifts you'll be able to snatch and clean & jerk.

That said, the lift isn't bad, although I'd be curious to see it at normal speed. But you do have some flexibility work to do - your upper back is very kyphotic and your squat position could improve.

If you have to bend your arms that significantly to get the bar into your hips, yes, you need to widen your grip. The wider the grip, the weaker you will be overhead, but you can strengthen that position and improve the structure you have currently.

Bring the bar back toward you off the floor and keep it closer to your thighs on the way up. It may help also not to have your head back so far during the pull.
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