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Default Large Bar Diameter and O-lift training.

I’m fairly new to Olympic Weightlifting and just starting to put together a minimalistic home gym. Short term goal is simply to learn the lifts with proper technique. My current-commercial gym (really great community) doesn’t permit dropping weights. I was told by the owner that, “It’s all about CONTROL, Tom. If you have to drop the weights then you’re not in CONTROOOOLE”

However, he was nice enough to give me one of his spare bars which I'd like to use in my garage until I can save for a Pendaly Nexgen HD. It’s nothing fancy – hex nut/sleeves, but it cleaned up nice and after a little SAE20 oil it spins quite nicely. The only issue is that the bar diameter measures around 32mm. I gather that it’s better suited for power lifting rather than O-lifts.

As my hands are fairly small my primary concern is potential injury. Not surprisingly, it's more difficult to get a hook grip around this bar compared to the 28mm bars at the gym. Secondary concern is ingrained mental and/or muscle memory that might be hard to overcome down the road when I transition to a smaller bar. Has anyone had experience training for O-lifts with a larger diameter bar from the standpoint of injury or subsequent difficulty transitioning to a smaller diameter bar? Would it be better to just train as I can at the gym until I can get a proper bar?


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