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Thanksgiving and a broken car has screwed my lifting schedule up pretty good this last week. Ive also been off pace on my cf workouts so I did a little of both today.

Power cleans working up too a 1rm
135x10 or so. just getting warm really
260x1 5# PR

CF workout was:

Tabata Air Squat

Rest 2 Minutes

10 Minutes EMOM
8 Thrusters 75#
15 Double Unders

Rest 1 Minute

Tabata Air Squat

It was god awful...

Ive been focusing a lot on my diet and started eating paleo about a month ago. As of today Im at a BW of 211#, a 14# decrees and Ive also dropped 4% body fat. Im extremely happy that eating in this deficit hasnt cost me any of my strength.
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