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Not too bad. Make sure you're bringing the bar back toward you as it leaves the floor and stay down on the heels/weight back longer during the pull - you start moving forward as the bar passes your knees. Think of moving the bar back into your hips rather than moving yourself into the bar.

Open the hips and stretch the body out more at the top of your pull - think fully extended knees and shoulders behind the hips.

Make sure the bar doesn't swing away from you as you move under it - finishing the extension and keeping your weight back as described above will help this, but actively keep it close to your body.

Finally, don't cut that squat short. Even if you receive the bar high, sit all the way into the bottom position every time - if you're not flexible enough to do that yet, keep stretching and keep sitting as deep as you can each time, pushing a little at a time until you can sit in completely.
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