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Awesome job, really impressive. Here are some time indices for highlights of the video from Friday's sessions (link below).

SN1 SN2 SN3 C&J1 C&J2 C&J3
Jolie ? 0:33:50 ? 1:21:04 1:36:20 ?
Alyssa 3:08:10 3:20:50 3:29:10 4:06:50 4:16:00 ?
Greg 5:55:24 6:06:11 6:08:01 6:54:20 7:08:00 ?

Also, you really should check out the happy ending to Gillian Formaneck's C&J at 4:24:50 (Warning: girl's should have tissues at hand)

Finally, for what it's worth, regarding your comment in the blog: One "silly reason" for competing from a purely selfish perspective is, in a word -Inspiration. There are dozens of website offering online advice so it's quite impressive to see someone lead by example. You know, "Walk the Walk" so to speak. So thanks for putting it all out there by bringing a great team, coaching the event and competing. Bravo!
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