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Just as an update - The snatch posture at the bottom of the squat clicked when I was practicing after my workout. My back flexibility is still limiting the amount of weight I can use, but my problem was my hip position: I just wasn't keeping my hips square at the bottom of the movement. It's still shaky, but now that I know what to concentrate on, I'm hoping to see quick progress.
So what I'm doing until I feel confident in the full snatch is breaking down my full snatch day to power snatches, snatch balances, and hang snatches from the hip. I'll still be doing stretches 4x a day for a while though :P

As for the jerk, today was my neck jerk day, and I felt like a rock star thinking of pushing myself under the bar vs pushing the bar. The only rep that was iffy was my very first one, but after I got the feel, I nailed every single rep. Before practicing my overhead squat, I threw on some light weights and tried the split snatch, and found that with this new motion, my legs fall into place without having to actively think about it. Now the trouble I can see myself having with real weight is climbing out of that split position, but I'll see about that next workout.

So my challenge is still the snatch (I can't even perform a proper one at 30% of my clean and jerk so far), but with all your help, I feel confident I'll be putting real numbers on the bar before I have to start the cardio for my fight :P

Thanks alot!
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