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Originally Posted by John Donovan View Post
Not trying to hijack on my first post but I have something similar going on. Whenever I do any pressing from an externally rotated position I get an ache in both shoulders. The ache starts in the posterior about mid scapula and sometimes radiates to my elbow. The ache subsides with rest. I've been told to work on my T-spine mobility as well as shoulder stability. Is this right? Should I be doing the movements prescribed earlier in this thread?
What you describe can be an indicator of a nerve impingement, which is a potentially serious problem and one you should ask a doctor or physical therapist about. You certainly shouldn't take advice from the internet. That being said: don't do anything that aggravates it, do some SMR in the thoracic area (roll a tennis ball in there), and try some band pull aparts and YTW's before you go crazy with BTN presses.
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