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Recap of 20NOV to 10 DEC - Simplest Strength Template

Final numbers:
BW on 20NOV, 2012 = 190
BW on 10DEC, 2012 = 189
DL - 320 x 6, 385 x 1, 335 x 3
press - 95 x 13. 105 x 12, 155 x 1
bench - 200 x 6, 210 x 2
squat - 210 x 13, 225 x 8, 315 x 1

-Only a 3 week run through, skipping deload week and rolling straight into another cycle, with Christmas coming up I wont be able to get to a gym for a week and a half during that so I'm just going to hit as much volume as I can handle going up to it
DL - no rep records but consistent, got a little stupid with my singles and I paid for it, next cycle I'm going to redcue the weigth down and rework from scratch, on the 3's and 1's week my back has been killing me so I'm using too much lower back
OH press - rep records for 105 and a nice single that was about medium effort
bench - felt super sluggish unsure if it's due to weight or if it's to the diet
squat - great progress all around, reps and singles
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