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1. Usually it hurts just below patella, but sometimes the pain is behind the knee. I know my hamstrings are tight so that might be one of the things that's causing it. It hurts when I sit down or get up; kneel down; do oly lifting; front/back squats; everything that includes bending the knees. It also hurts if I just put my weight on my toes. I don't even have to stand, it's enough if I sit and pressure toes on the ground pushing my leg forward. Worst thing is if I do a ATG squat with my own bodyweight on my tiptoes. I can't get up because it feels like my knees are shattering apart.

My normal squat stance is about hip width (wide hips) and feet little bit out.

2. I shall take more.

3. Easier said than done, but I will try =)

4. I've been seeing physical therapist every couple of months. He thought it was about muscle inbalance and weak(er) inner thighs which I personally think it's bullshhhhh...

Thanks for your reply and the links, will look into them.
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