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Originally Posted by John Janecek View Post

Do you know of anyone using the Werksan Gold Bushing bar? Looking into them and the black econ training plates....

Troy has asked for two of our bumpers wth the broke out inserts so they can "inspect them", bet warranty claim #3 goes through eh.....
I've used it, it's alright for a bushing bar. Uesaka is the best bushing bar around, though. I'd rather use the Werksan Gold than any of the cheaper Rogue bars.

If you call the York Barbell Outlet Store (look on their website for the number), they're having a 50% off sale right now. They have a new design needle-bearing competition bar which looked and felt pretty good. It's the best bar they've produced in 10 years or more. You could buy them this past Saturday at our clinic for $365.00. The spin isn't awesome like an Eleiko bar, but it's not too bad.
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