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Originally Posted by Matthew Beals View Post
Any experience with CAP bars?

I know cheap is cheap and they won't compare to the good stuff, but just looking for something reasonable to start out on. The stuff at my gym is all 30mm power bars with no spin... but at least they allow Olifting, right?
I have two of the 1200 lb CAP bars. It does spin well enough for Olympic lifts, as well as the Wright HD that I have, in fact. HOWEVER, it has powerlifting knurl marks and not Olympic lifting knurl marks. Also, the knurl stops about an inch before the collars, so if you have someone with a snatch grip out to the collars, that may be an issue.

For the money, it is an excellent all purpose bar, although I don't have it at my gym for Olympic lifts, just for powerlifting. If you buy it, DO NOT buy it from CFF because you have to pay about $45 in shipping. Buy it from or Amazon and you can get FREE shipping (you have to pick it up at Walmart).

This says 1000 lb, but it's the same bar:

I did a review of that bar and the Powerline squat stands (which are now up to $189 or so) here:
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