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Thanks for the help folks. I'm heading back to lighter weights and more bar work to try and rectify the banging situation.

To give some background/clarity my max snatch is 205# and my max power snatch is 195# and my max OHS is 255#. I miss heavy snatch attempts forward (always miss forwards, 1/100 are backwards) and land in my toes (after jumping forward) on snatches. I find this to be LESS the case w/ the power snatch and I do notice I bang less (well, it hurts me less) ... perhaps it is why my power snatch is so close to the snatch?

Obviously my issue is hitting the bar away with the hips and chasing. My assumption is that I want my energy going more vertical & less horizontal?

In an attempt to get the bar closer & get the elbows high and outside I've started working the tall snatch. For example I will do 3 shrugs + 1 tall snatch x 3 x 5 when warming up.
From the pockets or the tall snatch I can get more 'vertical' and slam the bar less with my hips. I don't jump forward & have a tendency to land weighted midfoot. Simply put, everything feels way better. In fact, I'd go so far as to say it feels awesome.

The issue is, even moving to mid thigh (especially when moving to top of the knees) in the hang I find myself bashing at the bar w/ my hips. I'm not expecting it to magically change over night as I've probably been doing this for the past year ... so correcting it will take time. I understand the concept of engaging the lats more as Greg suggested ... and I try my damndest but I worry that I just reinforce the poor movement when I go to the hang and the bang occurs so I've started to avoid it.

Sorry for the wordiness. I am simply frustrated that I can bear a certain amount of weight over head, get a certain amount of weight more than high enough to theoretically snatch it ... but am foiled by poor technique.
Is the tall snatch a good place to be starting? I've been working in the muscle snatch (light, in warmup complexes) to work the pattern and keep the bar tight as well.
Blocks? Power only?

Any help is greatly appreciated. Sorry for the novel.
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