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I think the best thing you can work on is cleaning up your first pull. I think you do a lot of things right but without that good first pull, it's kind of hard to fix it later. I'm 100% with what Greg said. Pull the bar in with your lats. I think you should pull in as soon as you pull it off the floor. Check out Ilyan's bar path

And here's yours.

I think if you pull it in as soon as you come off the floor you'll have the bar in a much better place and you won't bang it away as much. And Greg really hit the nail on the head: pull the bar to you, not hips to the bar and loosen up your arms. If you really work on anything, I would drill that first pull up to the knees and make sure you stay over the bar and keep it close to your body. With your numbers, I think you can hit 100k pretty easily.
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